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    Study Hall / Project Time

    Girl Time - Durham/Chapel Hill

    If you need focused time and/or accountability to get some work done, AND a little social connection, this is the Meetup for you! Study Hall was created for our work-from-home ladies who want to get out-of-the-home every once in a while, but...

    Hillsborough NVC Practice Group

    Tri-NVC practice group Meetup

    HBT 10011 Training Room Directions: Come through main lobby; turn right at the gift shop; another right into the Administration hallway. Go past 2 sets of brown doubles doors, make a left, then right. The training room HBT 10011 is the first...

    Code for Durham: School Lunch Debt + Civic Hacking Session

    Triangle Code for America

    Tonight's Guest Speaker: Rebekah MielExhibit and print designer by day / School lunch advocate by night Topic: School lunch debt- What is it? How can we help? If you'd like to learn more about...

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